It is with very great pleasure that I announce the release of a passion project of mine: Making a cover of the original Star Trek: Voyager Theme title composed by Jerry Goldsmith, and perform it entirely on the legendary Minimoog Voyager XL synthesizer (which I happen to be very lucky to own… and quite frankly, I might have purchased it mostly for that endeavor…)

The whole project took about a year, from the moment I acquired the synth, to the mastering process after which I was finally happy with the sound I came up with.

Everything in the song is made with the Moog. Percussions, bells, leads, harmonics… everything! Created from tweaking sinus, triangle or square waves, fine tuning the 3 oscillators from the beast (although, by using the Moogerfooger FreqBox fx, I was able to add a fourth, quite grittier oscillator) to create the nice big and lush synthesis sound required to properly perform and do homage to the original orchestral piece.

Here is the new art for the cover song, entitled “Star Trek Minimoog Voyager” (see what I did here? :)

Stay tuned for upcoming release, and also upcoming podcast interviews about it!